Web and Network services
Information System of Contaminated Sites (ISCS)

Rules for the use of web and network services.

ISCS web and network services offer to public, state and private organisations data from official administrative source of the information system, that is administered by Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic (MoE of the SR), Division of Geology and Natural Resources and operated by Slovak Environment Agency (SEA), Departmental Centre of Environmental Data and Information Services.

Web and network services present programming interface the users and partner organisations use for direct access to administrative source of Information System of Contaminated Sites. Users retrieve this way actual and verified attribute and geospatial data from the administrative source database that can be further used directly in their databases, or can be presented on the level of their own application interfaces. Interoperability principle of the offered ISCS services is secured by strict implementation of opened standards of W3C Web services and OGC consortium (Open Geospatial Consortium). Implementation of these standards guarantees the meeting of the mutual integration requirement (interconnection) of public administration sources, but also other sources with Information System of Contaminated Sites.

Rules for use

Operation of services and their use is subject to rules below. Using the services it is assumed that you implicitly agree with these Rules, and you accept this by pressing AGREE button. You will be redirected to application interface description of these services. If you not agree with theses terms and conditions, press DISAGREE button and the use of ISCS services will be immediately terminated.

Copyright and basic provisions

* The sole and exclusive copyright owner regarding the content of data retrieved by web services in the ISCS administrative source is: The Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic, Division of Geology and Natural Resources (hereinafter referred to as – ISCS founder) and Slovak Environment Agency, Departmental Centre of Environmental Data and Information Services - DATACENTRE (hereinafter referred to as – entrusted ISCS operator). Retrieved content is protected by copyright law, trade marks and other respective regulations of the Slovak Republic.

* Use and presentation of data retrieved by the service other than the one intended for own need and non-profit purposes is not allowed without permission of MoE of the SR. Any other use is subject to prior approval by Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic, Division of Geology and Natural Resources, and it is governed by rules described in the part “Secured web services”.

* Use of publicly accessible services is further conditioned only by acceptance of these Rules. User of publicly accessible services and data (attribute, geospatial) retrieved by these services expresses his/her consent with the Rules for their use.

* User is obliged to apply the relevant legal regulations when using web and network services, and to always proceed in compliance with these regulations, good morals and these Rules.

Secured web services.

* Secured web services (described in the section – Attribute Data web services) enable access to the protected content of the administrative source, therefore they require registration of the subject that will use these services. Potential use of the secured services is conditioned by a prior approval of the Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic, Division of Geology and Natural Resources. It is necessary to deliver the Application for use of secured web services to the  ISCS administrator (zuzana.duriancikova@sazp.sk). by e-mail when interested in use of these services. The following data should be included in the body of electronic message:
          Organisation requesting the service use and its domicile:
          Name and surname of the organisation representative:
          E-mail address of the contact person:
          Phone number of the contact person:
          Justification of secured web services use:
Data presented in the Application will be verified by an ISCS administrator and the Application will be approved by representatives of MoE of the Slovak Republic, Division of Geology and Natural Resources. In case the Application is approved, the subject will receive authentication data, authorising for web services use. Authentication data will be updated in annuall intervals.

* Data retrieved by secured network service should not be made publicly available.

Liability for damages.

* Administrative source is regularly updated by competent annotators. Content retrieved by the network service may include incorrect, incomplete data or typographic errors that will be resolved by administrative content annotators immediately after their identification by the operator. Annotators reserve their right to update, edit, modify, complement or change the administrative source data at any time and without prior notification.

* Operator is not responsible for potential malfunction or poor accessibility of the services provided by ISCS. The mentioned facts do not allow the service user to demand damage compensation.

* In any case; operator is not responsible for potential damages, direct, indirect or special, nor for the damage consequences related to use of ISCS services and delivery of information retrieved by these services.

Final clauses

* Any influence to efficiency and technical operability of web and network services is not allowed. It is not allowed to intervene in content of data retrieved by any of services. MoE of the SR, Division of Geology and Natural Resources is the only authorised subject that is allowed to decide on potential change of content retrieved by the service, and to present the modified data in another application interfaces.

* The operator reserves the right to change the Rules for use of web services without any prior notification.

* The user is obliged to familiarize regularly with the changes of these Rules for use of web and network services. If you will further use the services after introduction of changed Rules, your implicit agreement with change of these Rules is considered.

* This section of web pages may contain links to internet servers and pages of third parties. In such cases, MoE of the SR and the operator are not responsible for their content nor operability.

* Send your questions, suggestions and potential complaints to service quality or to the content of Rules for web and network services to the  ISCS administrator (zuzana.duriancikova@sazp.sk).